Rock a Circle Skirt

Gonna be honest, I wear skirts and dresses sometimes because they require less work to put on than pants. That being said, circle skirts are hitting stores with extreme popularity because of their easy nature and simplicity. They also flatter many body shapes, hitting the smallest part of the waist and flaring out.

I purchased my black circle skirt from Nordstrom and am loving finding new ways to dress it up or dress it down. Also, huge plus, it’s a no-wrinkle fabric, so you never have to deal with the hassle of ironing. Here are some ways I styled my skirt:

IMG_3638Graphically Cute:
Pair your circle skirt with an unexpected graphic tee. My shirt celebrates my inner grammar nerd. With a long or short cardigan and a pair of TOMS or flats, this look will put a playful spin on this simple skirt.
(Skirt, cardigan: Nordstrom, shoes: TOMS, shirt was a gift)

IMG_3639Formally Fit:
Looking to get a lil’ fancy? Dress up your skirt with any blouse and blazer to add a level of sophistication to the game. Nude pumps will also give you the illusion of longer legs paired with the flow-y skirt!
(Top, skirt, blazer: Nordstrom, shoes: Nickels)

IMG_3637  Hipster Please:
To get more use out of any collared shirt, leave it untucked and add a textured tank underneath. Throw on a chunky scarf, whip that hair into a high bun and nothing goes better with this  than larger-than-life glasses. (Shirt, skirt, scarf: Nordstrom, tank: Urban Outfitters, boots: Timberland)

IMG_3641Scandalously Sweet:
It doesn’t have to be summer to wear your crop top. Pair it with your circle and leave a little room to show some skin. With the cold weather, add a leather jacket or long cardigan to keep you warm on nights out! (Top, skirt: Nordstrom, cardigan: Urban Outfitters, boots, Timberland)

IMG_3640Comfortably Chic:
Accentuate your waist with tucking in a large knit sweater. My favorite color combo is black/brown. I added a brown belt and brown boots to bring the look together, while pulling on a pair on knee socks to peek through. (Sweater, belt, skirt: Nordstroms, boots: Steve Madden, knee socks: Altar’d State)

(PS-Huge shout-out to my friend Abbey for taking these pictures for me!)


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