Unplugged and Satisfied

I lost my headphones.

Now, ordinarily this would mean no trip to Ping (the workout complex here at OU), because how can anyone, especially myself, work out without music? I mean, I wear headphones walking to class, drinking tea, and reading a book. How could I possibly do the impossible and go without my tunes?

Maybe it was the serious intake of calories this weekend (no regrets), or just the need to run off some steam, but I made the trek to work out. I hopped on an elliptical and started going.

It was the weirdest moment in my life. But I realized, how many times do I actually go without my music, or any distraction? I always have the TV on, or a YouTube video in a separate tab when I’m doing homework. I am never truly alone with my thoughts. I had to run, alone. No Pandora. No iTunes. No Spotify.

I found that I need to take more time to think. We all do. In a generation where we all have one ear leaning towards the conversation behind us, it’s crazy how much we would understand each other because we have the time to understand ourselves.

So take the challenge. I won’t make a huge lifestyle change and never listen to anything ever again; in fact, I’m watching Friends and listening to SNL on my laptop as I write this. But I’m going to try to unplug every now and then.

Unplug and be satisfied.

Warning: if you take my advice and go crazy because listening to your thoughts causes you to literally freak, I’m sorry dude.


One thought on “Unplugged and Satisfied

  1. I read this while not listening to anything. I was enjoying a fashionable adult beverage while Susan and I entered dates into the family calendar, scanned a few receipts and chit-chatted. Will work out tomorrow sans headphones to be with my thoughts. Comets Rule

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