A new twist on your old scarves

Do you get bored wearing the same scarves? As a scarf addict myself with a wide collection in an array of colors, I still get bored with the same infinity scarf every day. So why not twist it up? Here, I’ll show you how to take your scarf from drab to fab, in just a few simple steps! You’ll truly make a statement with these looks:

photo 4


Take two of your favorite infinity scarves. I chose a metallic silver and a maroon fringe. Hold the scarves open next to each other and just weave one scarf through the other. Wrap it like you would a normal infinity scarf over your neck and fluff it up so you can see the scarves intertwine. It dresses up your normal infinity scarf, and gives it an unexpected look to elevate any outfit.

photo 2


All you need for this look is a good ‘ole infinity scarf. Take it in your hands and make an actual infinity sign. Bring one loop inside of the other to make a knot. Adjust the knot to your liking and if you want, you can add another knot. This makes the scarf look like a necklace and will stand out against anyone else’s.

photo 1


Do you have a regular rectangular scarf and have no idea how to style it? All you need is to take a safety pin and pin the edges together. Double it like an infinity scarf, with the safety pin in the back, by your neck (just make sure you don’t poke yourself!). Because it has the edges to it, take the time to adjust the scarf to really play up the curves and folds in the texture of the scarf. And there you go!

photo 3


This is by far my favorite new way to style my scarves. All you need is an infinity scarf and a rectangular scarf. Fold the rectangular scarf in half so that it is even. Wrap the top of the infinity scarf at the top of the folded rectangular scarf. Then treat it like a braid, with the infinity scarf as one piece and the rectangular scarf as the other two pieces. Braid the entire scarf, then pin the two ends together. Pull apart the pieces of the braid to make it bigger. Trust me, this will truly jazz up any plain tee or sweater for sure!

Hope you enjoy! Go out there and see how you can add a new twist to your scarf!


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