What Every Gal Needs on Campus

So this week, I was inspired by Deven Middleton’s amazing blog post about staple pieces for men (guys, take notes). I decided it would be interesting to take a peek inside my own closet and see what I wear the most often here in college. So for all of my fellow collegians and my high school friends getting ready to attend their universities, here is what I think every gal needs in their (unfortunately small) closets on campus:

IMG_38261. White button-down

There is nothing classier than a crisp white button-down. While mine pictured may not be “crisp” (ironing sucks) a white button-down will save the day in those situations that you need to dress up for a presentation or just don’t want to spend the time picking out an outfit. All you have to do is pair it with a scarf or a statement necklace, and you’re good to go! I get my button-downs from JCrew.

IMG_38252. Neutral cardigans

As a girl that has a sweater in every color, my most worn has to be my grey and black. Honestly, is there something that doesn’t go with these? I prefer longer cardigans, so if I’m feeling leggings (which is most days) or if my shirt is longer, it covers what it needs to. These are from Nordstrom and have lasted me forever, and don’t require any sort of crazy laundry instructions, which as a college chick who isn’t that great at washing her clothes, is perfect.

IMG_38303. Leather jacket

When friends and I are headed out on the weekends, we all share one thing in common: our leather jackets. We’ve learned that you should NEVER take your coat to a party or going out on the town. Either one of two things will happen: 1. You will lose it 2. You will retrieve it from the hiding spot you claimed and it will be covered in a plethora of mystery liquid and trash. Leather jackets are perfect for looking good and staying warm. Mine is an army green from Joe’s Jeans, which stands out from everyone’s black jackets. While they can be expensive, a leather jacket is definitely worth the splurge–and they last forever!

IMG_38274. Fun tanks you can layer

This tank from Altar’d State has received at least five compliments anytime I wear it or my friends borrow it. Chiffon tanks are great to layer with cardigans, jackets, or just to wear when the weather is nice. Almost every store carries them in a variety of colors and patterns. This one with its lace and high neck definitely stands out in a crowd!

IMG_38245. Blazer

Along with the white button-down, a black blazer can save you when it’s the night before your public speaking final and you forgot to pick out an outfit. Black blazers go with everything from pencil skirts to jeans, from dress pants to high-waisted shorts. Every girl should have a black blazer they whip out to really bring their A-game. As Barney Stinson would say, “suit up!” I bought my cropped blazer from Nordstrom.

IMG_38326. Pants…

Yes, you should have pants in your closet. For jeans, have a good working pair of blue jeans you can wear everyday. But a pair of black skinny jeans goes perfect with anything. My blue jeans are from Nordstrom and my black skinnies are from Old Navy, years and years ago. As for leggings, there is nothing that college chicks love more than wearing pants that aren’t really pants. I wear leggings probably 98 percent of the time, because why not? YOLO college. Mine are from Nordstrom and are high-waisted, so no worries about if you are showing a little too much. And for the skirt on the right, again from Nordstrom, I wore it the majority of first semester and will do definitely so again for the end of this semester. It is the most adorable little circle skirt- all you need to do is add a tank and you’re good to go. Simple pieces that don’t require a lot of time to pair are right up my alley!

IMG_38387. Fun accessories!

Here is the miscellaneous end of randomness–accessories/shoes/purses! I will not stop emphasizing how much EVERY girl needs a cross body satchel. I have mine from Michael Kors, but whether you get yours from Chanel or Target, a little black or brown purse will be your best friend for forever. It’s perfect for fitting all of your essentials: keys, wallet, phone, tissues, and a little lip gloss. For shoes, tall boots are sported by probably every girl on campus. I personally love my black Timberland boots because they go with everything, but my recent Steve Madden purchase (on mega-sale) brought a new pair of ox-blood (ew) boots into my life. Whatever color, you can’t go wrong with boots of any kind! A pair of black heels definitely are good to have in your closet, but let’s be honest, I’m wearing my Nike Free’s way more than my heels! As for accessories, a statement necklace is great to jazz up any ensemble, along with a big scarf to put with anything! And for me, a watch is my favorite accessory of them all. This one from Fossil can bring a little bit of bling to any conservative outfit.

There you have it! What is your most worn item, college chicas? What do you think of my list? Whatever you may be putting in your closet, just let it be an expression of your style and enjoy every minute strutting from class to class!


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