Okay, Elsa, let’s move on now…

I don’t know if it’s because I woke up yesterday to snow, you know, on St. Patrick’s Day, but I am kind of excited for spring. As in, whoever pissed off Elsa needs to go and apologize, because, honey, I’m tired of this frozen stuff (shameful Frozen joke, I know). But there is just so much joy that comes with springtime. Flowers, peeps, flip flops and TOMS, shorts and dresses- the whole lot of it. So today, I decided I would share my eight things I am most excited for with this upcoming spring. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them!

1. Springtime music
Spring to me means putting away the hardcore rap for a bit, and putting on something you can skip across campus to, literally. It’s the songs where you could be on beach or where you feel like your life is a movie. And, just to gear up for summer, I do like to throw a little country in there for the heck of it. Call me cliche, but here are some of my personal favorites, and feel free to keep ’em playing while you read the rest:


2. Rompers
Now, I NEVER was a fan of rompers, because I couldn’t find one that actually looked good on my body. But then, in the dressing room of Nordstrom, I fell in love with this romper. I don’t know if it’s because I feel like a straight-up flower child, but I am actually antsy waiting to wear this! In fact, I found several rompers I have liked for this spring. For me, I need a romper that makes my legs look long while cinching at the smallest part of my waist. Ugh, it needs to be warm!

IMG_40693. TOMS
Ever since my first basic black pair of TOMS, I have been obsessed. Not only are you supporting an amazing cause, but you get to wear comfy shoes that you can get in basically any color or style, that go with almost every outfit. My personal favorite pair? My burlap TOMS. They go with everything from black to brown and I love pairing them with a cheetah print, or adding a different tone when paired with floral prints. And best part of all? Even walking across campus, my feet never hurt in my TOMS!

photo 1 4. Nude nail polish
As someone who wore the same two colors of nail polish all winter (OPI’s “Bogota Blackberry” and “I’m Not Really a Waitress Red”), I am ready to tone it down for spring. I know that many people opt for the bright hues or pastel tones, but my absolute adoration in spring is a great nude polish. Not only does it pair perfectly with any outfit, but it doesn’t matter if you are pale as a the dorm room walls or blessed with a tan or dark-toned tint, nude polish pops on anyone. (I’m wearing OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons)

photo 25. Hippie headbands
After Mill Fest this past weekend, hippie headbands are definitely alive and thriving. This spring break, I was in Nordstrom with my mom, and could not stop ogling at the ’70s-inspired garb that this season is sporting. After trying on the romper I showed in #2, I thought to myself, why not go for it? Who cares if I look back at my pictures one day and say, “Oh, that headband..” At least I’m having fun right now! I am still in the market for a floral wreath-like headband, but I am also loving these knotted fabric ones as well! This one is from Charlotte Russe.


6. High-waisted shorts and crop tops
Do I need to say more? I purchased these high-waisted shorts from American Eagle, because I could not make up my mind online. Whether you go for crazy patterns or just a simple denim, high-waisted shorts a fun way to do short-shorts, without looking like you’re completely wearing jean underwear. And pairing them with a crop top like this really plays with the proportions of your body, which I think is fun!

IMG_40607. Maxi Dresses
…And well, dresses in general. I’m totally a dress gal and love summer/spring flowy dresses. Because they are not only pretty and girly, but you can twirl in them. Yes, I am that girl that when I wear dresses, I will twirl around as much as I can. You can’t really do that as much with maxi dresses, but c’est la vie. And hey short girls, don’t be afraid of maxi dresses- you just need to find the right size that fits you! They are flattering on any body shape!

peeps8. Peeps
WHAT IS MORE SPRING THAN PEEPS? Whether you like them stale (which I don’t understand) or in pink (because everything is better in pink), marshmallows dipped in sugar are probably the greatest invention known to man. I do ask my mother to stock up on Peeps, just like Girl Scout Cookies, so when the stock runs out, I am prepared. I know that they sell them on other random holidays, but nothing says spring more than a pastel Peep bunny or chick. (Photo from boston.com)

What are you most looking forward to with springtime? What fashion risks are you willing to take for the sake of the weather? Let’s hope the weather changes soon, because I am ready for the flowers!

Also thank you to my dear bestie Leslie for helping me take these pictures!


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