Flower Child Forever

A countdown was in full force as to when it would be deemed acceptable to break out this romper. From the moment I pulled it off the rack at Nordstrom and tried it on, I was in love. I pranced up and down the dressing room hallway, sat and chatted, and refused to take it off. I was so close to asking if I could walk out of the store with it on.

And now, I busted out my inner flower child and rocked my first romper yesterday. Not wanting to make this look extremely dated, I took a few steps in taking this one piece into a “wow” outfit.

But first, a little music to set the mood:

photo 2—————————-HAIR
I prepped my hair a night before for this look. I wanted to go a little retro by parting my hair down the middle, as opposed to my normal deep side part. I did that the night before with a rat tail comb and let it dry. In the morning, I lightly straightened it, but still let there be a little bit of wave. I took the top section, and pulled it back and tied it with a clear elastic.

photo 2 copy

Because the print on this romper is so wild, I didn’t want to go overboard with the accessories. I left my normal earrings on and left off any bracelets, necklaces, or rings. I took a braided brown leather belt and wrapped it around my waist. I  tied the ends once, and then twisted the ends so it would stay. This really accentuated my hips and gave the romper a little bit of flair.

photo 2 copy 2

Although in another post, I was shown wearing strappy leather heels, today was not the day to one, being wearing heels, or two, be wearing open toed shoes. I would normally pair this with those heels, or a pair of gladiator sandals, but I opted for my brown Steve Madden Troopa boots to keep my toes warm. It also added a bit of an edgy modern flair to this outfit.

Now, don’t be afraid to go all out with these ’60s and ’70s-inspired trends. Rock a flowered headband! Throw on a daisy print tank! Strut in a romper! Just have fun doing it!

Comment below what you think about rompers, or trends like this romper happening today! My favorite part about rompers? You never having to worry about it flying up like a dress in the wind!


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