Purse Perfection

Have you ever picked out the perfect purse to go with your outfit? Then later on that night, you realize all of your essentials are in your everyday purse–chap stick, rubber bands, wallet?

As a frequent purse-changer myself, I have acquired a few tips and tricks to make switches between bags a breeze!

First, the essentials.

These are the items you are going to want to keep in each one of your purses. The items you know you are always going to need, no matter where you’re going:

photo 11. Lip balm
2. Small pack of tissues: especially helpful in those awkward “no toilet paper” moments!
3. A few bobby pins
4. Hair ties
5. Pencil/pen
6. Business cards (never know when you’re going to meet someone important!)
7. Post-its/small pad of paper
8. Feminine product
9. Gum: easiest way to gain instant friends

Then, the switch-ables.

These are the items you need in your purse but you will just switch between, because unless you have 3 different debit cards/driver’s licenses, it’s going to be hard to avoid!

photo 2

1. Wallet
2. Sunglasses/glasses
3. Gift cards: I keep ALL of my gift cards in a small Vera Bradley zip pouch that I carry with me all the time. It’s always the one time you want to buy something awesome, that you realize you forgot that one gift card at home! So might as well bring them all! Also, another tip: if you are able to load all of your gift cards from one store onto one card, it saves space, time and the awkward moments when you are using 4 different Jimmy John’s gift cards that have about 5 cents on each!
4. Headphones: if you’re like me, I can’t go anywhere without listening to some tunes!

All of these items fit into my smallest bag, and can turn you from the mooch to the Mary Poppins of the group in no time! What do you keep in your bag that you could never leave the house without? Tell me in the comments!


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