Cutting a Crop Top

Honey, don’t cry about fest season being over. Don’t overreact and put away the crop tops! In fact, why not take some of those old T-shirts you have as you are cleaning out your closet and cut some more?

I’m going to show you how to get the easiest, tapered cropped top from just an everyday tee.


1. Get a shirt: Ones with cool logos or designs on the front are always winners.

2. Make a mark where you belly button is: Take a Sharpie or a pen and put a dot or line about a centimeter above where you want your crop top to start in the front. I like mine to start just a bit above my belly button.




3. Cut the sleeves: The best way to avoid wonky sleeves, just cut along and cut off the seams. The closer to the seam, the better.


IMG_45694. Cut the neck: Same as the sleeves, cut along and cut off the seam of the collar. I like to do this in two pieces. First, I cut the front neckline off, then dip a little bit lower when I cut the back of the neck off. Cut slowly so there aren’t any crazy edges.


IMG_4570IMG_45735. Cut the bottom: Fold the tee in half, where the sleeves match up. Start cutting where you originally made the mark and cut towards the back at an angle. Even the edge out as you finish the cut.




And there you go! The easiest and simplest crop top you can get! Just grab your scissors and your tees and get croppin’!



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